Friday, March 25, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate

There are haters everywhere.  Haters hatin’ on bands.  Haters hatin’ on movies.  Haters hatin’ on food, restaurants, public figures and yes—even beer. 
For as fun and beautiful a thing beer is, it’s too bad we have so many haters out there. 
I’m not talking about someone that says, “I tried the new so and so from blablabla and I wasn’t very impressed”.  That is a very normal thing because the word beer encompasses a large body.  Beer is so varied, has so many styles and flavors that by its very definition most people out there will find something that doesn’t agree with them. 
What I am talking about is bloggers, beer nerds, writers, brewers and the like bashing on beers.  “Beer X is terrible, that brewery sucks”. 
Beer is an ancient art, it is so much bigger than us—it’s an orchestra of microorganisms and it demands respect.  Further, a beer that is on a shelf represents somebody out there doing something.  Most people don’t do anything, they never create anything.  Creating something, putting it on a store shelf leaves you vulnerable, it’s a statement for the world to see and respond to.  Maybe that response will be positive, but there are so many haters that it will almost always be negative.  Shipping takes guts, hatin’ doesn’t take anything but minutes off your life.


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